Gabe’s Irish Red – A Journey Down Rustic Road Brewing Company

Gabe's Irish Red - A Journey Down Rustic Road Brewing Company
Welcome to our Beer Blog! Where we journey through the Rustic Road Brewing Company to explore the unique flavors and stories behind our specialty craft beers.
Today we’re delving into the heart of a niche brew that captures the essence of Ireland’s rolling landscapes and cozy pubs: Gabe’s Irish Red Ale.

Rustic Road Brewing Company

Rustic Roads: A Brewhouse and a Culture

Rustic Roads: A Brewhouse and a Culture

Named after the winding Rustic Roads dotted throughout the picturesque Wisconsin landscape, our brewery is more than just a place to enjoy great beer; it’s a celebration of the natural beauty that defines our small, pint-sized pocket of the midwest.
Nestled in the heart of downtown Kenosha, Rustic Road Brewing Company is the connection between the scenic sights of rural Wisconsin and the urban scurry that makes up our beloved downtown. Here – amidst the hustle and bustle of city life – you’ll find a sanctuary where the pace slows down, and the simple pleasures of life take center stage.

Our Philosophy

Our mission of crafting exceptional beers is rooted in a deep reverence for nature and its raw, untouched ingredients. Being a brewery of traditional beer – a traditional approach to ingredients is our most important process. We take pride in using imported grains – guaranteeing that when you’re given a glass of our traditional German beers, you taste the German-imported malt for yourself. Gabe’s Irish Red is, of course, no exception.
But Rustic Road Brewing is more than just a name – it’s a reminder. A reminder to honor the land that sustains us and to craft beers that are not only a delight to drink, but also push us to cherish the moments we share with friends both old and new. From our flagship brews to our seasonal specialties, each beer tells a story – a story of craftsmanship, community, and connection.

Our Philosophy

Gabe’s Irish Red

Gabe’s Irish Red isn’t just another beer; it’s a journey to the emerald shores of Ireland with every sip. What sets Gabe’s Red apart is its harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, and when it comes to a freshly brewed batch – we’re just as excited to try it as you are!
We draw our inspiration for this brew from classic Irish red ales. Gabe’s Red infuses traditional brewing techniques with a modern twist, resulting in an ale that is both timeless and contemporary.

Every Beer Has a Story
Every Beer Has a Story
Besides its unique flavor profile, what sets Gabe’s Irish Red apart from our other tap brews is its story. Named in honor of a previous member of the brewery family here at Rustic Road, Gabe’s Irish Red is a tribute to the enduring spirit of friendship and family. Each batch brewed is an homage to Gabe’s time with us and we’re excited to see what he (and you!) think of this season’s stock.

Flavor Profile
Crafted with the finest imported ingredients, Gabe’s Irish Red boasts a rich, copper hue paired with an aromatic symphony of toasted malt, caramel, and hints of earthy hops.
With each sip, Gabe’s Red parades across the palate with a delicate balance of sweet caramel malt and a subtle hint of roasted barley. The mouthfeel is smooth and velvety – close your eyes and you can practically feel the cozy fireside chat in the chilly Irish countryside. The finish is clean and crisp, leaving you longing for just one more taste.

Flavor Profile

Gabes Irish Red
Try Gabe’s Irish Red Yourself, On Tap by March 15th

Whether you’re raising a flagon in celebration or seeking solace at the end of a long day, Gabe’s Irish Red is more than just a beer – it’s a pint-sized vacation to the rolling hills of Ireland, where everything is a little simpler and a little more… natural. So, here’s to the winding roads that lead us home and the moments shared over glasses of Gabe’s Irish Red. Cheers!

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2 Responses

  1. The Rustic Road Brewery has a long standing in the Kenosha area.
    Head Brewer Tom Stolfi has created so many outstanding craft brews. I’d like to say I tried them all, but I know I haven’t.
    A lot of work has kept this gem alive. We all owe a bit of gratitude to Chuck Nelson for continuing to progress the business.
    From growler fills, bottles, and crowlers to a canning line sure marks a milestone for this brewery.
    Great people, great beer, good food, and good times, love this place.

    1. Thank you so much for your review, Kenneth! We’re so glad to have you as one of our amazing patrons, and we continue to appreciate your business. See you again soon!

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