Rustic Road Brewing Company is a tribute to the artisan qualities that make Wisconsin a special destination for people who want to experience great food and diverse beer culture. We produce beers in small batches, allowing the freedom to try new ideas and our friends the opportunity to experience beer diversity.

Be Small: Small-batch brewing style • Intimate taproom • Variety and nimbleness

Size matters - we love creativity and spontaneity.

Be Great: Quality • Striving • Personality

Ingredients and quality make amazing beer.

Be Inspired: Local inspiration • Artisanal

Ideas from local artisans inspire delight.

Be Delicious: Creative and approachable • Devotion to flavor

Pursuing tastes, textures and aromas excite the palate.

Greg York, Brewery Operations

Greg and his friend John started brewing beer in a college apartment in 1999. The first beer, an American Cream Ale from a kit, turned out great from the first pfft! of a properly carbonated bottle opening. He was hooked. At the end of their last year in school, Greg took the kit and kept brewing, getting more adventurous and learning more about the history and science of brewing along the way. Like so many homebrewers (and probably after one too many homebrews) he decided that opening a commercial brewery was a great idea, and in the budding craft boom, he founded Rustic Road Brewing Company in 2012.  Favorite Rustic Road beer: Portside Pumpkin (robust pumpkin porter)

Chuck Nelson, Business Operations

Chuck started out as a "less filling, tastes great" beer drinker.  A few years ago, he started to expand his beer palate when a friend introduced an IPA. From then on he was hooked and now is always searching for new flavors in beer. Chuck joined the Rustic crew in March of 2018, bringing his 30+ years of business and logistics experience. Chuck is excited about the direction of Rustic Road Brewing Company and looks forward to sharing the many great beer flavors not only in Kenosha and southeast Wisconsin but through the midwest and beyond. Favorite Rustic Road beer: Hazelnut Harvest 

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