• Greg York

Hey there! Welcome to the new site!

I'm really excited to launch our new Website. It's been a LOOOONG time coming. Rustic Road has been through a few things over the past year, and I'll share some highlights right here over the coming weeks, but I want to open by thanking everyone who's stood by us and encouraged us along the journey. Thank you to John, Dale, Kevin, Ira and others who have been part of the construction crew. Also to Brock and Ash for their ongoing support and passion. Thank you, Glenn, Dick, Goran, Sam and Jim (and the whole CJW crew) for the flexibility, ideas and assistance. And the warmest of thanks to the Rustic Road team - Lois, Ellyn, Andy, Val, Tom, Steve, Kim M, Kim S and Zoe.

Beautiful handcrafted sign work by Dean Tawwater

From a construction standpoint, there's a lot going on in the taproom still. Stainless steel panels are going up, and the brewery floor is prepared and ready for the top coating to go on next week. Plumbing is progressing quickly and we have some additional electrical work starting up next week. Drop in, grab a beer and some food, check things out and share your thoughts. Onward!

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